A Folk Story, So Far…

 The Stormy Seas formed in summer 2008 in Edinburgh, by William  (guitar,  vocals)  Michael (vocals, guitar) and Graeme  (drums/percussion) in no small  part inspired  by  exciting acoustic  music emerging locally around that time. Dav  (banjo, vocals)  joined  shortly after the group’s inception for initial stripped  down, informal  song  writing  sessions. Despite early aspirations of playing soft,  self-  penned, Celtic–  inspired folk  music, it became clear what was  emerging  was a fuller, harder sound.  At this stage The  Stormy Seas  began  rehearsing  with an amped set up and Ricky  (bass) was brought  in to  temper the sound.

  A few small, self-promoted gigs in early 2009 led quickly to the offers of  larger  gigs  from  Edinburgh institutions such as Club Limbo and the  Meadows  Festival, as well  as press  interest. By this time The Stormy  Seas take on folk  music had crystallised  into a their  trademark sound;  relentless yet mercurial  drum patterns jostle with  strummed acoustic    guitars, which in turn act as a bed  for intricately picked lead  guitar and  banjo lines.  Melodicas and accordions  create dissonant drones while  vocals swell from reflective  mumblings to impassioned pleas and  proclamations, at  times William and Michael’s  voices  merge as one to  create a lead vocal sound much  greater than the sum of its parts.    Despite the raucous urgency associated with The Stormy Seas, the  downbeat  early  aspirations in reflective blue-eyed soul numbers such as ‘Apple Tree’ and ‘Tall Ships’.

 In 2010 The Stormy Seas began recording what was to become their debut album, Of Rust  and Loss, with Alex Fenton of Swanfield Recording Studio Edinburgh (White Heath, Kays Lavelle, Come on Gang!). This proved to be  a long process, though their considerable live reputation was maintained in the following  months as The Stormy Seas continued to share stages with the likes of Deertick, Sparrow  and the Workshop, James Yorkston, Adrian Crowley, Mama Rosin as well as many local  outfits, such as Withered Hand, Meursault, Frightened Rabbit and Broken Records. The  Stormy Seas were also invited to London to play at Good Shoes’ Hope and Future festival,  and have performed live on BBC radio for Richard Bacon.

 Autumn 2011 sees Of Rust and Loss released on The Stormy Seas own label, The Shipping  Forecast, preceded by two free download tracks, comprising of live favourite ‘Morbid  Desires’ and the pensive ‘Tall Ships’.


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