Kind Words

“Of Rust and Loss is 13 tracks of folky goodness that we’re happy to recommend.”
The Tidal Wave of Indifference

“…it is rather good.”

“…one of Scotland’s most exciting new bands”
Kowalski Blog

“Of Rust and Loss is one the best albums so far this year, Stormy Seas are among the best folk/pop/rock acts in the country and we should all have a listen”- Dauphin Digital Music Magazine

“Their name is highly appropriate: they perform with an invigorating passion, as if constantly fighting against the rocky waters of listener apathy.” – The Skinny

“Keeping it acoustic but loud, they’d be equally welcome at Wickerman or T in the Park, and equally likely to make the crowd go home humming.” – The List

“As of yet, no band has quite been able to attempt a similar resurgence for old Edinburgh favourites the Waterboys. Yet there may be a future contender.” – Arkmag

“…imbue their set with a large keg of gallic passion and would sit comfortably alongside other acts at festivals such as Wickerman and Belladrum. “ – Limbo

“…it shouldn’t be long before they catch the attention of a media in love with a folk resurgence…” – The List

“gloriously forlorn pieces of folk, modern but with plenty of tradition. While the accompaniment is warm and inviting, the urgent vocals bring a different dimension to the songs, not least a tinge of sadness.” Off the Beaten Tracks

“…the 2 vocals are an essential ingredient to this bands set up. Definitely ones to watch this year.” – The Steinberg Principle 



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